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It was a dull Sunday afternoon in January, 1999. Surfing on the internet, I was looking for some letter fonts that I needed for a project. And then it happened. Out of the blue the word mailart popped up on my computer screen. Never heard of it before, but I was intrigued. Jumping from link to link a world unfolded before my eyes. The international world of mailart.

Two weeks later I decided to give it a try. I made up a so called mailart name, ZenaZero and posted my first mailart call The Secret Life of a Mermaid on one of the message boards on the internet. A few days later a small miracle happened. Since that day my mailbox was filled with colourful cards, letters and small boxes containing the most wonderful pieces of paper art.

During the next years many mailart projects followed.
I initiated quite a few myself and also responded to the calls of other mailartists.
It was a wonderful period.

The book ZenaZero, MailArt Cards, Envelops & Artistamps shows work made for different mailart projects.

Cards, Envelopes & Artistamps
My Secrets
Ocean Queen
World's Edge
Water Trading Cards
Zerovian Iceboy
Red Woman
Bald is Beautiful
Cultural Terrorist
Red Cabbage Monkeys
Rode Vos
Dada Dance
Natural Way
Onbekend Land